Organisation and People Development

One of the key components of the Libstar strategy is Organisation and People development. To enable this to take place we have four initiatives in place.

Innovative Value Creation

Each of the businesses in the Group has a strategic initiative in place to ensure that the business is translating boardroom strategy into action throughout the business, ensuring innovative value creation through:

  • Clarity of purpose and direction
  • Appropriate structures, alignment and performance scorecards
  • An effective leadership culture
  • Employee engagement throughout the organisation
  • Continuous optimisation of business processes and systems
  • On-going performance measurement, recognition and reward

Talent Development

Libstar has initiated a Talent Development programme with the objective of having in place an identified cadre of high performer and high potential leaders who:

  • Have been clearly identified using relevant technology
  • Whose development has leadership commitment
  • Who are being developed, mentored and supported
  • Who are part of a Group succession pipeline and are considered for positions as they arise

Leadership and Management Development

Libstar is offering a Leadership Development Programme directed at developing a platform of basic leadership and management skills within middle management in Libstar businesses. This programme builds on tertiary knowledge obtained by middle managers and provides skills and practical tools to enhance leadership and management skills in a collaborative environment, focused on innovation, customer service and value creation

Libstar Academy

A Libstar Academy has been established with two primary objectives:

  • The development of a Group Internship programme aimed at providing carefully selected University graduates with a 6-12 month opportunity to extend their academic qualifications and/or obtain work place experience, through structured workplace exposure and vocation specific training.
  • The establishment of appropriate Learnerships in all Libstar businesses through the provision of a central support service.