Sustainable Development


The group further recognises that its development and sustainability depend, to a large extent, on its awareness of the socio-economic and environmental challenges within its business surroundings.

Libstar also acknowledges that the group has a responsibility through good corporate governance to develop, implement and maintain policies to address certain social and environmental imperatives. Fundamental to the development and implementation of the company's policies is the recognition that everyone is equal before the law and that everyone has inherent dignity, which must be respected and protected. Non-sexism and non-racism is promoted and practised both within the company and externally.

Black Economic Empowerment

Libstar has put internal reporting systems and structures in place to assist in improving and sustaining its BBBEE initiatives.

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Employment Equity

Libstar subscribes to a policy of employment equity that is cognisant of diversity in South Africa. Provision has been made in the group’s employment equity policies to identify and eliminate unfair discrimination as well as to train and mentor previously disadvantaged employees for deployment in positions of greater responsibility in the group. Libstar will ensure that suitably qualified people from designated groups are equally and fairly represented at all levels in the group and at subsidiary companies.

A key focus area for human resource functions in the group is training and re-training of personnel to ensure continuous growth of the group’s skills base.

Health and Safety

The group acknowledges its responsibility to its employees and is committed to provide and maintain, as far as possible, a working environment that is safe and without material risk to the health and safety of its employees. Libstar's responsibilities and obligations in this regard are identified and documented for each businesses within the group and in each area of operation. Where applicable, health and safety measures are implemented to ensure compliance with legislation relating to health and safety. Regular audits are conducted by the relevant authorities who submit their reports to the subsidiaries' management and eventually to the board.

Corporate Ethics

Libstar endorses the doctrine of good corporate governance and conducts its business in a legal and professional manner. The group applies generally accepted business and accounting principles to every aspect of the business. Anti-corruption and the prevention of fraud are priority areas for the organisation.


Libstar supports innovative and responsible initiatives aimed at corporate social upliftment. The group contributes to a variety of programmes via its subsidiary companies. These include:

  • Contributions made in the form of human resource capacity.
  • Grants and related contributions.
  • Adult basic education and training.
  • Shorter payment periods.
  • Discounts in addition to normal business practice.
  • Support of healthcare/HIV-AIDS programmes.

As a participant in the economy, Libstar acknowledges its responsibility towards the community and intends to continue with its social responsibility initiatives, placing an emphasis on education, training and the improvement of the previously disadvantaged communities.

Environmental Conservation

Libstar is aware that some of its activities may have an impact on the environment. As a responsible business, we have adopted a strategy that strives to minimise any impact by regularly reviewing our activities and by compliance with all relevant legislation.

Furthermore, the group recognises that every individual has the right to an environment that is not harmful to their health or well-being. Its focus on environmental issues places an emphasis on attaining a high level of environmental conscience. As part of our commitment, Libstar has embarked on an operational review of all environmental issues pertaining to the group.