The Way We Do Business

The way we do business

Integrity First

Integrity is the starting point: a commitment to doing business properly, with solid values.

“Proper” business is honest business: telling the simple truth and being above-board in all our transactions. We are transparent in whatever we say and do, and respectful of the people who work beside us, whoever they might be. No matter what rank, status, income or designation, we are humble. Integrity and humility are two sides of the same coin.

We Value People

It starts with people. We exist because we make products that serve people’s needs. Our job is to be highly responsive to what our customers need – and nothing less. The soul of our company depends on the company we keep: the people we partner with, report to and lead.

Quality people attract talent; and talent improves outcomes. Better outcomes ensure a better future for Libstar, its people, its customers, its partners and, ultimately, the broader community.

We are a company that recognises individuality, demands accountability, applauds ingenuity and inspires a culture that thinks of work as a happy process, in a place where human dignity is sacrosanct and diversity is a great positive.

The Power of Partnership

We don’t work in a vacuum, but in a vibrant mesh of relationships with customers, employees, suppliers, partners and communities.

We create alignment in words and actions: Our actions and words create energies that enhance what we do. Positive actions strengthen partnerships and galvanise teamwork, creating strong partnerships that keep our business in positive territory. Whether we’re dealing with colleagues, customers, suppliers, or the broader community, we make a conscious effort to develop healthy, strong partnerships.

A Passion for Winning

We are results-driven because how we perform matters. Our future depends on it. What we deliver to our stakeholders and the impression that we create both internally and in the world out there, matters a great deal.

We hire people with a winning streak; people who consider themselves to be a lynchpin in the organisation, who approach every opportunity enthusiastically, dislike mediocrity, and push for more inventive approaches – even if pushing involves risk.

There are no mysteries here. Winning requires setting achievable goals, having a plan and pursuing it with courage and focused enthusiasm.

Winning also means being a perfectionist: doing much more, much better. Yes, good enough never is. And going for excellence is invigorating. We focus on what matters most and just get it done again and again, better and better.